Curious About Solar ? You should be !


Financially Feasible

Solar is a great investment! Based on current utility rates, a typical residential solar electric system will pay for itself in 8-12 years. That is a 12.5% annual rate of return with no risk! When financing is used, the monthly payment is less than you currently pay your utility company. With no money out of pocket and protection from utility rate inflation, you are ahead from day one. Commercial solar electric systems can yield even greater financial rewards. With additional grants, accelerated depreciation, and

other incentives, solar electric is a great way to control costs at your business. With 25-year warranties and very little maintenance, solar is a sound business decision. Financing is available!


Environmentally Sound

Solar energy is great for the environment! It’s no secret that climate change is one of the greatest global threats we face today. These changes are most likely driven by an unprecedented rate of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities. The greatest proportion of greenhouse gas emissions are comprised of CO2 which has become a benchmark for calculating the global warming potential of other greenhouse gases, like methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). This is expressed as a carbon dioxide equivalent in kg CO2e – the equivalent quantity of CO2 that would be needed to give the same greenhouse effect. A 10Kw solar electric system will eliminate 316 metric tons

of Carbon Dioxide. (space)For more information on the environmental benefits visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.


Long Term Energy Solution

If you are concerned the U.S. electrical grid will be down for an extended period of time or don’t have access to the grid because of a remote location, a solar battery system is  one of the only viable power sources available. Solar Trek is one of the few solar contractors that will build battery backup, interactive or off grid systems. When you need a system you can depend on around the clock to generate electric power for years to come, let the experts at Solar Trek design one that will meet your needs.


 The cost of solar has come down approximately 70% in the past FIVE years. NUMEROUS solar manufacturers and market competition haVE improved prices dramatically for consumers. We have reached “Grid Parity” where it costs the same to buy a solar system and own your power than it costs to rent your power each month FROM the utility company. As utility rates rise, your system becomes more and more valuable. 

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